Our Company
Broad Overview

The Company was incorporated as a Private Limited Liability Company on 29th October, 1971 and it started production four years later in November, 1975 and was officially commissioned by the Military Governor of the then Kano State (Now Kano/Jigawa), Colonel Sani Bello on the 7th of April, 1976. It was converted to a Public Limited Company (PLC) in 1978.

Our Vision
To be the largest processing mill for local grains in Nigeria.
Our Mission
To provide best quality food products using to a large extent locally sourced grains with the use of ultra-modern milling process with a team of inspired and motivated staff.

Our services

Toll Milling

NNFM has full capacity to procure grain (zero aflatoxin), store and mill.


Equipped with a blending facility with potential of creating fortified mixes.


Ready-to-Use Supplementary Foods – Research and development initiated for RUSF meals.

What we offer
Our Products

The Company's main business is milling of Wheat, Sorghum, Maize and similar grains. Below is the list of products;

Our Impact

Our approach is based on respect for our people, cultures and the natural environment.
Corporate Social Responsibility

As part of our CSR, NNFM Plc on a yearly basis distributes products to Government rehabilitation institutes in Kano like Nasarawa Childrens Home, Torrey Home, Tudun Maliki School of Deaf and Dumb, Dawanau Psychiatric Hospital and Dorayi Rehabilitation Center. Also, we collaborate with NGOs to assist the needy including prison inmates.

Staff Welfare & Engagement

As part of NNFM engagement, Long Service Awards is a way of rewarding Employees on a yearly basis with cash and gifts to those that attain 10 years in service up to 35 years.

NNFM PLC has collaborated with various national and international organizations for a successful business relationship. Among are few listed below;


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is NNFM Plc a public limited liability company? add remove
    Yes. NNFM is a public limited liability company.
  • What is the difference between NNFM Plc and Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc? add remove
    NNFM Plc is a subsidiary of FMN Plc.
  • Is NNFM a whole owned company by the northern state government and its conglomerates? add remove
    No, FMN Plc owns 53% shares in NNFM while the northern state government and its conglomerates own 47% shares of the company.

Join us in providing the best quality food products using locally sourced grains

It is more than just a career.